Feb 3, 2013

Malaprops Event: Extreme Fangirling

So, I got my dad to drive Amanda (she's written a blog post or two here in the past, but she's my BFF) and me (with the rest of the fam) to Asheville yesterday for this super cool book signing & IT WAS SO AMAZING. I met Megan Shepherd (The Madman's Daughter), Victoria Schwab (The Archived), Lenore Appelhans (Level 2), Beth Revis (Across the Universe trilogy), and Meagan Spooner (Skylark). They were all so funny and nice and adorable and I nearly died from excitement. Each of them read from their books and told a bit about themselves to start.

Victoria talking about The Archived
It was so cool! When Megan Shepherd started reading from The Madman's Daughter, she goes "Just pretend I have a British accent," and then stopped reading after like a paragraph into the first chapter, because it was so dark (I bought a copy of this one!) Each of the authors answered questions, and Beth and Meagan Spooner were really funny together. Beth told us that she wrote 10 novels over the course of 10 years, but none got published and Across the Universe was her last idea before she gave up. But Meagan told us that she used to write little bits of novels, but Skylark was the first book she finished. I think Beth then threatened to rip her throat out...

And then it was time to get the books and get them signed, so I bought a copy of Shades of Earth and The Madman's Daughter and brought the copy of The Archived to get signed (now the copy I'm giving away is signed guys). I went up there and met Megan Shepherd first and told her about my blog and pointed to Victoria Schwab and was all, "I'm one of her Keepers!" (because this is valuable information), and when I mentioned the name of my blog, Victoria pipes up, "I know your blog!!" (I think I died and went to heaven, I was so excited!!) 

Megan Shepherd signing my copy of The Madman's Daughter in gold Sharpie

Victoria Schwab signing The Archived in silver Sharpie

Victoria started to ask for my name to sign the book to, and I was like, "This one's actually going to be given away on the blog" and goes, "Oh, duh. You're getting your own personalized copy!" and it made me happy inside.

There was this boy getting his picture taken with all the authors and I hadn't known you could do that, so when I got to Beth I asked to take my pic with her, and I did.

Beth Revis and Shades of Earth and me!
I managed to cut in line and go back to get my pic taken with Victoria and Megan, because I really, really wanted to.

Megan Shepherd and The Madman's Daughter and me!

Victoria Schwab and The Archived and me!!!
As I was walking away from the table, this man came up to us, who was the guy who let us cut in front of him, and told us he was Megan Shepherd's husband. He had also taken a pic of Megan and me and wanted to make sure it was okay if she were to use it on her blog or elsewhere on the interweb. He was so nice! I just thought that was cool.

The whole event was so awesome, and I loved getting to meet everyone. I was so surprised at how cool they all were (I'm not sure why, I just sort of was). Malaprops is a really neat little indie bookstore in a quirky town (Asheville is full of hipsters) and I can't wait to go back!

Amanda took all the pictures of the event, so props to her, because Lord knows they wouldn't have been taken if she wasn't there!

And here's a few more pics of the event:

Answering questions from the audience

More questions

From left to right: Meagan Spooner, Beth Revis, Lenore Appelhans,
Victoria Schwab, and Megan Shepherd/

They gave prizes to the people who asked questions!

Me being a goober with my pretty books!

Amanda creepin' on the authors while we stood in line :)
I mentioned earlier that my The Archived giveaway now features a signed book, so here's the rafflecopter to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And I extended the end date for The Archived swag giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And Amanda took a lot of video and stuff while we were in Asheville and she'll be putting a little "Adventure in Asheville" video together that y'all can see here later!

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  1. cool blog! I've been wanting to start one about my favorite books and authors. I was at this signing last night, it was so much fun. You did a great job capturing the evening.


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