May 17, 2012


       So, I am a loser and this blog post is SUPER late, but I've hated all the books I've read lately so much that I couldn't bother myself to try and review them. However, I have *finally* found one I don't want to throw at small children, so:

Love: Daemon Black
Book: Obsidian
Characteristics: Basically, he's super sexy, and looks like this (the hot guy, not the back of the chick's head):

Plus he has rock-hard abs.

Why I love him: 

1. He is a complete and utter jerk. It sounds kind of weird that I like that in him, but his jerkishness is kind of endearing. He's witty, typically at Katy's expense, and that makes the book really funny. I realized he really wasn't as big of a jerk, though, after I learned about his past, and he had the right to be about 1/10 the amount of jerk he is (that leaves 90% of uncalled for jerkishness, for the math challenged). He makes me think of Jace Wayland (in City of Bones) and Will Herondale (in Clockwork Angel) combined in the way of being a total jerk. (I think total jerks are kind of hot, though)

2. He is super protective of his sister, Dee. It's really kind of sweet. He basically is afraid to let her do anything that could put her in danger, and that includes having friends. Right from the beginning of the book, Daemon tries to keep Katy away from his sister, because Dee desperately wants friends, and she and Katy really clicked. Unfortunately, this protectiveness leads to Katy and Daemon kinda hating each other for the majority of the book (there are times when they are frenemies, but they pass pretty quick).

3. He's totally amazing. Like, I'm pretty sure that if Jace and Dimitri Belikov (Vampire Academy) teamed up and tried to fight him, they would lose. And they are both GODS in the department of kicking butt. He got rid of a bear (not by, you know, fighting it off, but with his own awesomeness). In Daemon's own words: "I'm just that awesome."

4. He thinks Katy's book obsession is cute! She has a book blog, and he checked it out, and didn't even say anything mean about it. He watched her "In my mailbox" video, and told her he thought it was cute that she loved books so much. Let me tell you, I have been dying to see an author have a guy character who was cool with a total geek, not tolerant, but actually like her geekishness (hello, books are my life, I need hope!). 

5. And he's smart. It's not super apparent in the book, but in the Daemon's POV stuff at the end, he says he learns really fast, therefore he is smart. I like smart guys, as I would never date (or fictionally date, as the case here) a guy who was OK with doing poorly in school.

So, yeah, Daemon's super hot, and I like his evilness. He also has a super cool name, and it totally suits him.

My thoughts on the book:

I loved this book! I talked my mom into letting me buy it on my Nook late last night, and then I finished it in 3rd period today (it's difficult to read fast while your Biology teacher wants you to be taking notes). 

I adored Katy! She was hilarious. Not only was she a book blogger, she could fire her own insults right back at Daemon when they fought (which was on almost every page of the book). She wasn't afraid to stand up for herself (she dumped her spaghetti on some people) and she could accept that she was pretty when Daemon said it the first time. I hate it when the girls in books are all "Oh, I'm just plain, I'm really not pretty." and then they don't believe it when the totally gorgeous guy tells them they are. He says it once or twice, and she doesn't really dwell on it, nor does it really distract her from how mean Daemon usually is to her. She has fairly brilliant judgement throughout the book (she does have one VERY stupid moment, and it irritated me). She was basically a breath of fresh air in YA heroines, and I just really liked her.

Daemon's sister is super adorable (she is his twin). She's super bubbly all the time, and kind of reminds me of a puppy. She is Katy's BFF, and they are kind of opposites, which is fun. 

The only bad thing I have to say about this book is that I wish it had been longer, so I could have gotten more Daemon! And, it depressed me when I found out Onyx doesn't come out until August! I need more Daemon nooow. 

FYI: Jennifer L. Armentrout is giving away Onyx ARCs at book signings in June (dates and info here:

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