Jul 7, 2012


Lili St. Crow
Pages: 304
Publisher: Razorbill
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
Age Group: Young Adult
Date Published: April 19, 2011

Now that sixteen-year-old Dru's worst fears have come true and Sergej has kidnapped her best friend Graves, she'll have to go on a suicidal rescue mission to bring him back in one piece.That is, if she can put all of Christophe's training to good use, defeat her mother's traitor, Anna, once and for all, and manage to survive another day...

So this next installment in the Strange Angels series tugged at my heart strings a little bit more than the rest. I mean, Dru has some serious trust issues- we know that by now- and she tends to make bad decisions and whatnot, but this time her bad decisions made me cringe, and she needs to learn to trust a certain blue-eyed djamphir more. However, this book made me feel what Dru felt and what everyone else was feeling and it was written well and I loved it.

Here's the low-down: Graves is gone- kidnapped by Sergej, possibly with Anna's help- and Dru's goin' a little bonkers without her nice and steady loup-garou. So, she puts everything she can into the search for him, and gets to know my favorite djamphir (Christophe) a little better along the way. And then she's told something she doesn't like, freaks out, makes some more bad decisions, gets a little more confused, and learns some stuff. And kicks some butt. Oh, and before all that she also made a girlfriend. Like legit. I loved the plot in this one! There was so much more action, and emotion, and Christohe, and Dru's growing up a bit and it was just so interesting. & I very nearly cried at the end, it was so intense.

The characters have all changed a bit in this one, and we meet a couple new people, like Nathalie, Dru's new friend (whom I adored). Dru has stopped referring to herself as "just a kid," like she did in the first book, and she's just kind of growing into herself. I like her. We would be friends. And then there's Christophe, who is just flat out amazing, and I'm utterly in love with him. Seriously. Anyways, in this one he's kind of like a mature teenage guy (they only exist in books *sighs*). I mean, yeah I know he & Dru's momma were buddies and stuff, but that doesn't make him less amazing. He's better than Edward Cullen, and chicks went crazy for him. (even when they had freaking Robert Pattinson play him in the movie. gross.) He just amazing and romantic and knows just what to say all the time. (mind you, he does still piss Dru off) And then there's Nathalie. She's funny in that girly sarcastic way, and she's just really great. I don't know, she was just kind of an awesome character. I'd be friends with her, too. So those are my fave characters. We've still got Dibs and Shanks and Ash, but there isn't much to say about them.

This cover is beautiful, even if cover-Dru isn't the same chick as cover-Dru on Strange Angels. This cover-Dru is gorgeous (I mean she has been on the last two, too, but, you know), and I loved that they didn't have those guys from the last two on there with her. I mean, they bugged me. Bad. Anyways, I love the blue and her hair and it's just really pretty, okay?

So, I'll give Defiance 5 stars, considering I loved everything about it, right down to the cover. It was just good. People reading the series? Please finish it. And those who have yet to start it should not have read this anyways, but if you did, then please start at Strange Angels because this is a series worth reading!
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