Jul 16, 2012

In My Mailbox (9)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren, (for more info click on the picture) where we book bloggers talk about the books we have received/borrowed/bought for the week. I did get to go back to my favorite little book story (Yay!), but I also got a bunch of library books:

My Soul to Save: Rachel Vincent
My Soul to Keep: Rachel Vincent
My Soul to Steal: Rachel Vincent

Obviously these three are from the same series (unless you're extremely dim...), so I just decided to lump them together in my little blurb here. I'm most of the way through My Soul to Save, so you can expect a review soon. I'm kind of addicted to this series (Rachel Vincent is brilliant), so I kinda just got all of the ones my library had at once. (And they have If I Die waiting for me *eep*) 

Rules of Attraction: Simone Elkeles
Chain Reaction: Simone Elkeles

These are the next books after Perfect Chemistry (which I read last week, and you can find my review here) and I was told that these two were just as good, so I thought I would finish the series!

And then, I bought:

Before I Fall

Before I Fall: Lauren Oliver

I've heard a lot of good things about this book, and people are so excited about the books after it, that I just needed to know what the hype was about. It also has a really pretty cover. And I think I follow Lauren Oliver on Twitter, and I always feel guilty if I follow an author on Twitter and haven't read their books. Although, my sister did read Liesel & Po (she loved it). And for Shel to like a book, the author must be pretty amazing. 

Soooo yeah! What did you guys get this week? Anything good? If you give me links to y'alls posts, I will read them! And comment. I promise. :)

<end transmission>


  1. The soul screamers series is AMAZING.... and Tod. Sigh. Definatley one of the best out there....

    1. Yeah, I just finished My Soul to Save. This is so one of the best series I've read in a while!! & I'm starting to see what's got everyone in love with Tod (but I still like Nash, too) :D


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