Jul 9, 2012

Mini Challenge!!

So, today's the first day of the Once Upon a Read-a-Thon!! I'll be posting periodically about what I'm reading and stuff, but this is for today's second mini-challenge! Bailey at IB Book Blogging came up with this challenge, and she asked us to answer 2 questions. So here goes:

Question 1:

What is your favorite cover that has been revealed this summer and why? Post a link or picture of the cover if you want.

Sever (The Chemical Garden, #3)

I'll go with Sever, since I adore the Chemical Garden series, and just lovelovelove the cover. I really love her dress and the cold cleanness of the bright green.

Question 2:

Do you rely on the cover to help you choose whether you want to read a book or not?

Absolutely. If a book has an ugly cover, I will most likely not read it, or I will give it a lesser review than I would if it was aesthetically (big word :D) pleasing. 

So, yeah! Click on the Once Upon a Read-a-Thon picture to head over to Pure Imagination's challenge page & see the mini-challenge line-up :)

<end transmission>


  1. I totally agree!! Covers that aren't as intriguing just throw me off from buying them. It's powerful looking at a beautiful book with an amazing synopsis!

    Funnily, I thought I was the only one. I think there are a lot of us that do this. :D

    1. Oh yeah, I mean who wants to buy an ugly book? LOL

  2. I've always wanted to read the Chemical Garden series and I found the covers very unique ;) Same here! If the cover is good, half the battle is won, and I'd feel much more at ease reading the book.

    I'm now a proud new follower of your blog, do drop by mine @ bookaworld.wordpress.com too! Maybe we run the best out of this Read-a-Thon!


    1. Oh thanks!! I WILL drop by yours! & Heck yes we can totally run the best out of the read-a-thon! :D


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