Sep 14, 2012

Lookie, Bookworm in Love got DESIGNED

Hey guys, I'm pretty sure you've been curious (at least a little bit) as to what exactly happened to the original- psychotically pink- style of Bookworm in Love. I am super excited to tell to you that it was re-designed by the fantastical Ishita  from Designs by Fishy!!

I contacted Ishita (who is also the sole proprietor for a fantastic book blog, The Reading Fish, how awesome is this chick?) a couple months ago, and, due to her waiting list (she is seriously amazing enough to have a freaking waiting list), it was finally my turn last Saturday!!!

So, after just an email or two, she figured out what I liked (no idea how, I pretty much just told her I liked navy, pink, white, grey, daisies, and Paris) and came up with the ideas for this *gestures grandly to blog* and everything is so ME. She kept my constantly updated, asking if I had anything specific I wanted (which I rarely did, and she still knew what she was doing). She even made like the majority of my sidebar pink, because that's my favorite color! Ishita went so above and beyond any expectations I had of what she was going to do. I mean, she even made me a whole new PAGE on my blog (see the "Memes" page? yeah that was all her).  BTW: While you're checking out my Memes page, you can see how adorable my nav bar is! It's like my favorite thing on here, because my old nav bar made me want to cry, and now it's so gorgeous!!! And my header? It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!!! 

And then she was super patient with me when I kept asking her to change the color of the boxes around my book summaries, she was so nice, and kept changing it (seriously, I think I had her change it like 3 times..) until it was what I wanted. That's what I like to call good customer service.  

And doesn't the cute little subscribe box make you want to subscribe via email? *hint, hint* *nudge, nudge*

So yes, I totally and completely give Ishita 5 mustaches (she even gave me a french mustache rating system!!! How cute is that?!) :)

And you should all go use her for your blog design needs, because she deserves it, and waiting until 2013 is soooo worth it. Trust me! 

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  1. Wow! I really love your blog design.
    Pink is also my favorite color. :D

  2. It's so prettyyyyy. Aaaah, brb, dying of pretty.

  3. oh wow this is amazing, how much did it cost you i would totally love to get mine designed

    1. Just go to her site and she explains it all!!! (just check pricing- mine was a complete re-design)

  4. It's beautiful :D I am looking for someone to redesign my blog (I know nothing) so I am going to look in to it. Congratulations on the beautiful design and 150 followers (well-170)!

  5. Hey there! I'm a new follower from goodreads! I LOVE the design of your blog!
    If you'd like to follow me back, my "blook" is


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