Dec 17, 2012

[Review] Opal by Jennifer Armentrout

Jennifer Armentrout
Pages: 382
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Format: Paperback
Source: Amazon
Age Group: Upper YA
Opal (Lux, #3)Date Published: December 11, 2012

No one is like Daemon Black.
When he set out to prove his feelings for me, he wasn’t fooling around. Doubting him isn’t something I’ll do again, and now that we’ve made it through the rough patches, well... There’s a lot of spontaneous combustion going on.
But even he can’t protect his family from the danger of trying to free those they love.
After everything, I’m no longer the same Katy. I’m different... And I’m not sure what that will mean in the end. When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids, the more I realize there is no end to what I’m capable of. The death of someone close still lingers, help comes from the most unlikely source, and friends will become the deadliest of enemies, but we won’t turn back. Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever.
Together we’re stronger... and they know it.

You know that feeling when you finally get a book you've been waiting for FOREVER, and then you have hard time finishing it because you just don't want it to be over? Yeah, that's what happened with Opal for me. I got it, I hugged it, squeeled a lot, started reading it, put it down, maybe hugged some more, and then repeated the process from Dec. 12 to today, because I just couldn't bear to think of it as over, you know? And now I finished it, and I feel as though my poor feels have sprung a leak and I'm going to explode.

Because Dean is always necessary

This fits how I am feeling now EXACTLY.

As I attempt to pull myself together, lemme just say that Opal is freaking AMAZING. I don't wanna say it's the best of the series, because JLA just kinda keeps the awesome-level up through all of her books. Also, I don't wanna diss Obsidian or Onyx, because I love them all equally.


*Not apologizing for my gifs*

Okay so here's a list of what I loved about Opal:
To be slightly more specific:
  • Katy ROCKS. I wanna be Katy, and not just because she gets Daemon (though that's in there too). She's grown so much as a character, and she's still a total book nerd. I mean, she's totally my people. I LOVE HER.
  • Daemon is still his sexy, sexy self. But, he's less of a not-nice-word now. And I love him, too. (But in a different way than I love Katy) He's just so..... awesome.
"Amazing," I leaned forward, kissing him. "You're amazing."
"That's what I've been saying for years." (p. 300)

  • I had to throw a Daemon-knows-he-rocks quote in there. There are actually quite a few of such quotes in here. He is amazing though. SO AMAZING. Seriously, fellow book geeks, if you know the context of the quote above here, you gotta agree with me. He's just so awesome. 
  • Aside from characters I am in love with, JLA put a lot of action (yes in the way you're thinking, but also the fighty kind), and that was awesome.
  • I also really loved the way she worked with Dee's and Katy's relationship after Adam's death. Dee has definitely been changed by it, but I still love her. She doesn't know how to handle Katy because of her part in it, and she starts hanging out with Ash. But their relationship shifts and changes as the book progresses, so don't get too worried yet.
  • I hate Ash less. *only a little*
  • Lesa is like the dress-like-a-slut extraordinaire. 
  • The DOD is pure freaking evil.
And then, there's this awfully cruel cliff hanger at the end, and JULY 2013 IS NOT ACCEPTABLE (because this is when Lux numero 4 is coming out according to Goodreads).


"It's going to take a lot for me not to commit bodily harm. You know that, right? So extra bacon for me." (p. 179)

I tried to keep myself busy by ripping the napkin into tiny pieces.

"Going to eat that or are you making homemade hamster bedding?" he asked.
I laughed. "Organic kitty litter actually." (p. 102)

I probably could find more quotes, but I don't wanna spoil things for anybody, and going through it now that I'm done makes me sad! *just can't believe it's over*

I just can't figure out how one author can take words and tear my poor little heart to shreds like that!

I read some other review of Opal that called JLA a "goddess of words," (if I can find who said that I'll add it in here) and I definitely have to agree. Her characters are just so dang awesome. I'm worried about their safety. And they're fictitious. Like, what the heck?

Anyways, please don't hide from the cliffhanger. Opal is so worth reading now, and then you can fangirl and speculate about what happens next with your friends! (If you don't have anyone who's read the series- make someone read the series)

Obviously a 5 'stache book. This is my favorite series after all.

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  1. Great review Megan! I agree with everything you said... It was awesome. The series is awesome and JLA is awesome. :) could be worse with the wait, we will all gel each other through this time of need. :P

    Christine x

  2. We will all help each other... Darn phone autocorrect.

  3. Hi Megan. I love your review. So much fun. I read the first two in the series and loved them. I hope to get to Opal soon. Thanks for the review.


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